types of printers


Printers are usually sold separately. Following are key considerations:

Laser or inkjet:

Laser printers are typically faster, pricier, and a better choice for

business use. Inkjet printers tend to be slower, more affordable, and more versatile, making them better for home use. If you’re planning to print photos, opt for an inkjet.

Printer only or multi-function:

Choose a multi-function printer that can print.

copy, fax, and scan documents and images. You may not think you need all these functions now, but you’ll miss them later if you choose a printer that doesn’t have them.

Print quality:

Print quality is typically measured in dots per inch (dpi) 600dpi

is sufficient for most users, but if you think you’ll need higher quality output, choose a printer with a resolution of 1200dpi or higher. These can print in lower resolutions, to conserve ink or toner.


Print speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm). If you’re buying the printer to share among multiple network users, you may need something that’s superfast (more than 20ppm). For home use, 10ppm is usually fast enough.


Printers can connect to PCs in a variety of ways. Most connect via a USB port, but some connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi access points with built-in print servers. If you plan to share the PC on a network, Wi-Fi is best, but you can still share a USB printer by connecting it to a wireless router.


Paper and ink can get very expensive. Consider paying extra for a printer designed to use less ink. Also, check the prices and capacity of the replacement ink or toner cartridges the printer uses.

Memory card slots:

Many newer printers have memory card slots on the front that provide a convenient way to transfer photos from a digital camera to your printer. Some printers also include a USB port for transferring images directly from the camera.



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